Known Mid-Eastern Conference Champions 

Inaugeral MEC Championship was in 1964 at Daleville   Cowan Champions  74 1/2 pts. Union 2nd, Daleville 3rd, Mooreland 4rth, Mount Summit 5th and Cadiz 6th.  Consolidation would enlarge the MEC the next season. * Denotes school record.

1965    at Monroe Central     Monroe Central  3rd  45pts.  (First year in MEC)

           Daleville  Champions  58pts. 

           Bruce Mills     'Broad' Jump     19' 2"

1966    at Monroe Central     Monroe Central 3rd  40 1/3 pts. 

           Union Champions   78pts.

1967     at Monroe Central   Monroe Central  2nd  63 1/2pts.  Daleville                           Champions   82 pts.

             Doug Toney     Long Jump     17' 9"

             Steve Shockney     Shot Put     47' 9"

1968     at Monroe Central    Monroe Central  3rd  41 1/3 pts.     Daleville

            Champions  77 pts.

             LeRoy Duncan     100 Yard Dash     10.8

1969     at Monroe Central    Monroe Central  5th  29pts.

             Union Champions  80 pts.

             Randy Clevenger     2 Mile Run     10:49.5

1970     at Union     Monroe Central  tied for 6th  13 pts. 

           Union Champions  76pts

1971     at Union  Monroe Central  7th  15 pts.  Wapahani Champions  69 pts.

1972     at Union  Monroe Central  7th  5 pts.  Wapahani Champions  70 1/2 pts.

1973     at Blue River  Monroe Central  7th  19 1/2 pts.  

           Northeastern Champions  107 pts.

1974     at Union   Monroe Central  8th  12 pts.   Daleville Champions  105 pts.

1975     at Union   Monroe Central  7th  22 1/2 pts.  Daleville Champions  107 pts.

1976     at Union   Monroe Central  7th  22 pts.  Wapahani Championns  98 pts.

1977     at Blue River   Monroe Central  8th  3 pts.  

            Daleville Champions  106 1/2 pts.

1978     at Cowan   Monroe Central  7th  27 pts. 

            Muncie Burris  Champions  102 pts.

1979     at Cowan   Monroe Central  2nd  81 pts.   Blue River Champions  93pts.

             Lon Bryan     440 Yard Dash     54.1

              Joey Rydenbark, Phil Bailey, Bob Cummins, Lon Bryan    

             Mile Relay     3:39.5

1980     at BSU      Monroe Central  4rth  51pts.   Wapahani Champions  123 1/2

             Lon Bryan     400m Dash     51.85   

             Dean Reed, Cummins, Kennedy, Bryan    1600m Relay     3:33.0

1981      at Cowan   Monroe Central  3rd  82 pts.  Cowan Champions  114 pts.

             Dean Reed     400m Dash     53.06

             Ron Braun     3200m Run     10:27.04

1982      at BSU      Monroe Central   4rth  69 pts.    Cowan Champions  92 pts.

             Mike Ruble, Ron Reiber, Tony Huber, Kelly Stites   400m Relay  44.79*

             Mike Ruble, Tony Huber, Ron Reiber, Dean Reed  1600m Relay  3:33.04

1983      at BSU     Monroe Central   3rd   74 pts.   Frankton  Champions  112 pts.

             Ron Braun     1600m Run     4:40.26

             Ken Main, Dale Profitt, Ron Reiber, Kelly Stites    400m Relay     45.53

1984  at BSU     Monroe Central  2nd  89pts.     Frankton Champions  132pts.

             Dale Profit     100m Dash     11.1

             Jeff Burke       Discus            144' 1"

1985   at BSU     Monroe Central  3rd  45pts.      Frankton Champions  109pts.

             Dale Profit      Long Jump     19' 5"

1986    at BSU   Monroe Central   7th   26 1/2 pts.  Wes-Del Champions  115pts.

1987    at BSU    Monroe Central  3rd   54pts.       Wes-Del Champions  107pts.

1988    at BSU    Monroe Central  9th   4pts.       Frankton Champions  112pts

1989    at BSU    Monroe Central  9th   24pts.     Frankton Champions  104pts.  

1990   at Cowan   Monroe Central  3rd  73pts.  Randolph Southern Champions  100pts

                 Jamie Paine      Long Jump     20' 3 1/4"

             Jeff Dragoo        Shot              42' 5 1/4"

             Dawson             200m Dash    24.00

1991   at Cowan  Monroe Central  2nd  69pts.  Randolph Southern Champions  116pts.

                  Jamie Payne     110 High Hurdles     16.5

1992  at Cowan  Monroe Central  4rth  63pts.   Randolph Southern Champions  90pts.

                 Jeff Randall       300m Low Hurdles    40.85

            Brad Huston      800m Run                  2:07

            Josh Weddle       High Jump                 6' 0"

            ????                     1600m Relay              ??

1993  at Cowan    Monroe Central Champions  101 pts.

            Jeff Randall     110m Hurdles     16.10

            Jeff Randall     300m Low Hurdles     39.70

            Brad Huston     800m Run     2:04.24

1994  at Cowan    Monroe Central Co-Champions with Muncie Burris  126pts.

            Aaron Shires      High Jump                  6' 0"

            Jeff Randall        110m High Hurdles      15.16

            Jeff Randall        300m Low Hurdles      39.3

           Jason West, Scott Moyer, Jared Brockman, Andrew Wagner  1600m                     Relay   3:43.2

1995  at Cowan   Monroe Central Champions  105pts.

           Andrew Wagner     1600m Run             4:56

           Aaron Shires           Long Jump              20' 5"

           Jason West, Adam Willis, Marc Thornburg, Jason Resler   400m Relay                  47.5

           Jason West               300m Hurdles          44.0

           Andrew Wagner      800m Run               2:06.28

           Jason West, Andrew Wagner, Jared Brockman, Rhett Kimble  1600m                   Relay  3:46.2     

1996   at Cowan   Monroe Central  6th  ?pts.      Wapahani Champions  104pts.

            Aaron Shires           High Jump                 6'  3"

             D. Crisp, Huffman, A. Willis, G. Flynn        400m Relay                46.73

            Gary Flynn              100m Dash                 11.8

1997    at Cowan  Monroe Central  5th  39pts.       Wapahani Champions  115pts.

            Ryan Peperak           Shot                          43' 9 1/2"

1998    at Cowan  Monroe Central  2nd  90pts.  Muncie Burris Champions 92pts.

            Ryan Peperak           Shot                          43'  1 1/4"

            Daniel Crisp             Long Jump                 18' 4 1/4"

 1999    at Cowan  Monroe Central  2nd  71.5 pts.  Wapahani Champions  90pts.

            Curtis Cunningham, Chris Lloyd, Sean Kimble, Laramy White  400m                   Relay  47.22

            TJ Shidler                400m Dash                 53.14

            Mark Davis             Shot                           46' 1"

2000     at Cowan   Monroe Central  4th  42pts.    Union Champions  116pts.

2001     at Cowan   Monroe Central  3rd  48pts.    Muncie Burris  121pts.

            Clay Milhollin, Shane Haggard, Spencer Witt, Brandon Meadows

            400m Relay  46.53

            Spencer Witt             Long Jump                 19'9" 

2002     at Muncie Central     Monroe Central Champions  84pts.

            Brandon Meadows    100m Dash                 11.47

            Jordan Croyle, Brad Funk, Spencer Witt, Noah Tharp  400m Relay  46.42

            Noah Tharp              Long Jump                 18' 10 1/2"

            Noah Tharp              400m Dash                 52.9

2003     at Muncie Central / Delta   Monroe Central 2nd  110pts.   Burris  125pts.

            Noah Tharp               100m Dash                 11.20

            Jordan Croyle, Brad Funk, Tyler Witt, Noah Tharp  400m Relay  46.50

            Brad Funk                   200m Dash                24.08

2004    at Muncie Central  Monroe Central 2nd 95pts.   Muncie Burris 138pts.

            Noah Tharp                 Long Jump               19' 1 1/4"

2005    at Muncie Central   Monroe Central 2nd  ?pts.         ???

           Terry Keagy                   Discus                      125' 2"

           Terry Keagy                   High Jump               5' 8"

            Jordan Croyle                110m High Hurdles   15.70

2006    at Muncie Central / Cowan  Monroe Central  2nd 104pts.  Burris 132pts.

            Terry Keagy                  Discus                       122'  7"

2007    at Cowan   Monroe Central  3rd  61pts.        Muncie Burris  102.5pts.

2008    at Cowan   Monroe Central  2nd  ??pts.

            Shane Hines                   1oom Dash                11.5  

                                                  200m Dash                23.40  

             Trey Thomas                400m Dash                53.43

             Trey Thomas, Kyle Bean, Jonathan Hopkins, Shane Hines  1600m Relay


              Mike Street                   Shot Put                   41' 2.5"

              Ryan Lacey                    Discus                      118' 9.5"   

2009    at Cowan   Monroe Central  4th  80.5pts.   Cowan  Champions  98.5pts.

2010     at Cowan   Monroe Central  2nd  131pts.   Muncie Burris Champs 149pts.               Trey Thomas                 400m                      52.68

              Trey Thomas                 3200m                     10:55.0

              Allen Bridgeman           Long Jump               19'  9 1/4"

2011      at Cowan   Monroe Central  4rth   64pts.       Union Champions  129pts.                Allen Bridgeman           400m                       51.15*

               Allen Bridgeman           800m                       2:05.87

               Allen Bridgeman           1600m                     4:44.0

               Allen Bridgeman           Long Jump               19'  6 1/2"

2012     at Cowan   Monroe Central   7th  32.8pts.      Wapahani Champs  137pts.

2013      at Cowan   Monroe Central Champions  102.5pts.

             Josh Duncan                110m High Hurdles      16.36

            Marcus Drummer        400m Dash                  52.12

            Josh Duncan, Garrett Calhoun, Tanner Thompson, Marcus Drummer

            1600m Relay   3:38.68

2014     at Cowan   Monroe Central  3rd  93pts.     Daleville Champions  105pts.

            Marcus Drummer        400m Dash                  52.25

            Joshua Randall             300 Hurdles                 41.29

2015     at Cowan   Monroe Central Champions  159pts.*

            Marcus Drummer, Zaine Pollard-Kennedy, Jordan Grant, Justin Brown

            3200m Relay  8:38.98

            Joshua Randall             110m High Hurdles      15.64

           Tyler Writtenhouse, Andrew Pierce, Nick Mitchell, Joshua Randall

            400m Relay  46.67

            Marcus Drummer        400m Dash                   52.18

            Joshua Randall             300m Hurdles               41.10(School Record)

            RJ Sears, Joshua Randall, Javarion Burtley, Marcus Drummer

            1600m Relay  3:36.32

2016     at Cowan   Monroe Central Champions  153pts.

             Conner Miller, Zane Kear, Dalton Winans, Zaine Pollard-Kennedy                        3200m Relay  8:43.37

             Nick Mitchell              110m Hurdles              15.75

             Andrew Pierce            100m Dash                  11.61

             Tyler Writtenhouse, Braydon Earls, Joshua Randall, Andrew Pierce                      400m Relay  45.56

              Nick Mitchell             300m Hurdles             43.40

              Joshua Randall            200m Dash                 23.05

              Isaac Smithson             Long Jump                 18' 9"

2017      at Cowan   Monroe Central   2nd   135.5 pts. Wapahani Champs 190pts.

              Conner Miller, Zane Kear, Dalton Winans, Zaine Pollard-Kennedy

               3200m Relay  8:36.10

              Nick Mitchell             110 Hurdles               15.95

              Kamron Caldwell, Malcom Armour, Braydon Earls, Nick Mitchell

              400m Relay   46.98

              Nick Mitchell              300m Hurdles          41.65

              Braydon Earls              200m Dash              25.37

              Dalton Winans, Zane Kear, Conner Miller, Nick Mitchell

              1600m Relay  3:45.50

2018   at MC    Monroe Central 3rd  109 pts.  Wapahani  Champs  133 pts.

              Nick Mitchell              110 Hurdles              14.72#

              Kameron Caldwell, Noah McCollum, Malcom Armour, Nick

              Mitchell                     400m Relay               46.30  

              Zane Kear                   400m Dash                53.47

              Nick Mitchell             300m Hurdles           40.66#

              Kamron Caldwell        Long Jump               19' 1"

              Malcom Armour, Dalton Winans, Nick Mitchell, Zane

              Kear                            1600m Relay            3:37.17*

              #= New MEC Record

              *= New MC Facility Record